Having Access To A Retirement Plan Is a Big Deal

According to the Congressional Research Service, only around half of full-time employees at small companies have access to an employer-sponsored retirement plan. For part-time workers and 1099 employees, the number is far less.

For most workers, their retirement plan balance accounts for the vast majority of their retirement savings. Many workers who don’t have access to a plan never get around to doing any retirement saving at all!

Most Real Estate Agents are 1099 employees and therefore don’t have access to an employer- sponsored plan. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need to save for retirement. What to do?

You Can Setup Your Own Retirement Plan

Yeah! And you might be surprised by how easy and how economical a retirement plan for real estate agents and realtors in Kansas City and the surrounding communities can be!

There are a number of different types of retirement accounts to choose from depending on your situation. In most cases, it’s really simple to setup too.

Even a sole-proprietor or 1099 employee with an unpredictable income stream can find a retirement plan that works for them.

How To Find Someone To Help You

Most financial advisors are not interested in helping small businesses or real estate agents in the Kansas City area start a retirement plan. That’s because most advisors only want to start relationships with clients that can start with $500,000 to $1 Million or more.

Not us, we’ll help you!

It’s Easier Than You Think

We need to learn a little bit about you and your business to help determine what type of small business retirement plan is best for you. In many cases, there is no cost to setup the plan. Our pricing is based on the number of dollars we help you manage. We’re setup so we do better when you do better!

What’s more, we’re fiduciaries. That means we only recommend investment products that are low-cost and in your best interest; we don’t get paid any differently based on what we recommend. What a novel concept right?!

Get Started

Let’s take 20 minutes to talk about your situation and find out what type of plan will work best for you. If you are a Kansas city based real estate agent or realtor in need of a retirement plan, we’re sure we can help!

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Yeah, you can have a retirement plan too!!

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