Retirement Plan Consulting

Fiduciary Services

Employees at your company have personal liability for the assets in your retirement plan and must understand their fiduciary responsibilities. We help your employees understand their fiduciary requirements and how to protect themselves.

Investment Advice

Selecting and monitoring your plan’s investment options can greatly impact your employees. We join you as a 3(21) co-fiduciary advisor to select and monitor investment options that offer your employees the best chance of investing success.

Provider Analysis

Since we are independent fee-only fiduciaries, we can offer you objective advice and help you monitor your other service providers. We don’t have any non-transparent compensation and don’t have any financial relationships with any recordkeepers or third-party administrators. That way we can help you hold those providers accountable and, if necessary, recommend a change.

Retirement Plan Design

We can help you design or modify your retirement plan so it meets your needs. Whether you’re looking to do an enhanced match for your participants, add a roth option, add profit sharing, automatic enrollment, automatic escalation etc. We can work with your other service providers and take your ideas and implement them into the plan.

Employee Engagement

Most employees that have a 401k don’t know whether they have a financial advisor or who they are. We make ourselves accessible to
your employees so they can be confident they are taking advantage of their retirement benefits and are on track for retirement. We create a company-specific micro-site for each company we work with. The micro-site allows employees to learn about the plan, login to their account, watch videos and schedule a 1 on 1 meeting with their advisor next time they are on-site or via zoom. Here is a link to a sample micro-site.

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