Retirement Planning and Funding

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning used to be easy. Get a good job. Stay there for 30 years. Walk out with a pension and a gold watch. Along the way, buy a house and pay off your mortgage. Easy.

These days, people can expect to change jobs, or even careers, several times in their life. Changing homes and locations is just as common. Even if you manage to stay at one job for an extended period of time, most employers no longer offer pensions.

The upside is that retirement no longer has to mean sitting on the porch of the house you spent 30 years paying for once you turn 65. Today, people can choose to retire earlier, or they can choose to retire but keep working on new endeavors. Many people dream of a retirement spent traveling or pursuing their hobbies and passions instead of wasting the days away sitting idly at home. These modern forms of retirement require a new approach to retirement planning.

Funding Retirement

To make sure you can truly enjoy your retirement when the time comes, you need to start planning early. The first step is to calculate how much income you will need in retirement, then determine how big of a nest egg it will take to generate that much income. Next, invest wisely and consistently, take advantage of tax breaks and incentives, minimize excess fees and expenses, and avoid common money mistakes. Decide the best time to start collecting your Social Security benefit to maximize your retirement income. Retirement planning might be straightforward and relatively simple, if it weren’t for the complicated math, ever-changing tax laws, and confusing investment options. Fortunately, here at Oak Road Wealth Management in Kansas City, retirement plans and funding is what we help our clients with every day.

Health and Well-Being

Our retirement planning and funding services in the Kansas City area are about more than saving enough money to pay your future expenses and enjoy a bit of traveling. As Americans live longer, our nest eggs have to last longer as well. Healthcare costs, unforeseen disabilities, and long-term care can quickly deplete a nest egg, leaving you without the funds to pay your basic monthly expenses let alone pay for travel or entertainment. Fortunately, our retirement planning and funding services in Kansas City are well aware of smart tools available to help safeguard your retirement dreams.

Living Legacy

Living longer requires a well thought out retirement plan. Seeing the world’s greatest sites might be a priority in your early retirement years, but having someone help take care of the house and making sure the garden is tended might be more important to you in your later retirement years. At Oak Road Wealth Management, we’ll make sure your retirement plan has plenty of options to ensure a comfortable transition through every stage of your retirement years. With the right planning and execution, you’ll have enough of that nest egg left over to ensure your priorities are met and also ensure that your legacy passes on to the people you love.

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