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You work hard for your money. The Kansas City financial planners and advisors at Oak Road Wealth Management will make sure your money works hard for you. Whether you’re investing for your retirement, to send your kids off to college, or for a big purchase like a home or even a yacht, choosing and managing the right investments and investment products is the key to your success.

The investment world is full of options ranging from IRAs and mutual funds to annuities, 529 plans, and more. Each option is a smart investment for the right person at the right time, but how do you know which one is right for you? At Oak Road Wealth Management, our financial planners and advisors in Kansas City can help you choose the best investment options for your goals and develop a financial plan that will work for you. We discover how comfortable you are with risk, and we make sure we understand your timeframe. Then, we help you choose which kinds of investments and investment accounts are right for you to achieve your goals.

A 529 plan might be the best option for your child’s education, but a Roth IRA might work just as well, depending upon your situation. A 401(k) is almost always a great way to save for retirement, but what about extra savings or if you or your spouse don’t have a retirement plan at work? More complicated investment options are right for some investors but not for others. So, how do you know who to trust about which investments are right for you?

As a fee-only fiduciary, you can rest easy knowing that we do not take payments or commissions from the investment products or service providers we use to implement your financial plan. When working with our fiduciary investment planners, you can be assured that we are bound both by our word and by law to always do what is best for our clients. We will show you where your investment dollars go, how expenses affect those investments, and what expectations we have for each of our financial recommendations. Our transparency and clear explanation of each and every money move we make on your behalf builds trust that we never take for granted.

Get in touch with our wealth management company today to schedule your appointment and let us show you what our Kansas City financial planners and advisors can do for your financial future!