That’s what our clients keep telling us they get from working with us.  We help our clients build confidence that they are on pace to reach their goals; Confidence that they are invested correctly and that they are employing the behaviors that are going to result in them achieving their goals.

Our process is simple:

We work with you to build a financial plan that takes into account the savings you’ve accumulated thus far, your current savings rate and your retirement goals.  We help you determine your probability of success of achieving all of your goals and if it’s not as high as you like, work with you to help you close the gap.  Once you’re retired, we help you manage your retirement income strategy and build your own paycheck as a combination of social security, pensions, investments etc.  Together, we’ll regularly monitor and review your financial plan and help you manage your investments in a manner that reflects your needs.


Oak Road Wealth Management is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory firm.  We are fiduciaries which means we are required to act in the best interests of our clients ALL THE TIME.  Our only compensation comes from the transparent fees we agree upon with you.  We do not receive any form of non-transparent compensation from your plan or benefits.  We also do not accept any fees, kickbacks, or any other form of compensation from any plan service providers or from any other party.