So, you want to retire!  You probably realize you have to have some kind of plan and that there’s going to be some trigger that lets you know: yes, you can actually do it!

The Old Way

In the old days of financial planning, investment planners would diligently collect information from their clients to determine how much money they had saved, figure out how much it was going to grow and would proudly announce the amount of money it would turn into by the time the client turned 65.  It went something like this:

Advisor: Congratulations, you’re on pace to accumulate $1 Million dollars by the time you retire!

Client: That’s great! …… Wait, what does that mean?  Is that good?

That doesn’t really mean anything!  Our investment planners think in terms of monthly (and annual) income.  When we think about retirement and all of our goals and dreams, we think in terms of how much money it’s going to take to accomplish those goals on a monthly and annual basis.


We help our clients identify what their goals and dreams are.  How much they want to travel, how often they want to drive a new vehicle, what kind of house they want to live in and then help them figure out how much it’s going to take to do that on a monthly and an annual basis.

Our goals based financial planners take into account all of your assets, how much you’re saving and our expectations for growth and inflation and present our results in terms of your probability of success.

Our result might look something like this:

Advisor: Based on all of your goals and all of our projections, you have a 90% probability of being able to accomplish everything you said you wanted to do!

That inspires confidence!  In our experience, our clients walk away from that exercise feeling empowered to continue working toward their retirement and feeling confident when it’s actually time to retire.

Want to gain confidence that you can accomplish your goals in retirement?

Give our financial planners a call!  We’ll schedule a meeting to learn more about what your goals and dreams are and will start working with you to help you understand if you’re on track or not.  If not, we’ll help you understand the steps that will get you there.  It’s all about having confidence that you can achieve your goals!

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