Confidence for Your Company + Your Employees

The costs associated with operating a retirement plan have become much more competitive over the last several years because of better technology and increased competition.  If you haven’t benchmarked your plan costs within the last couple of years, it is likely that there is a way for you to reduce costs.  Understand that retirement plan pricing can be complex and is often non-transparent. Fees are often layered and ‘baked-in’ to the investment products in the plan.  At Oak Road Wealth Management, we can help you understand all of the non-transparent fees and help you determine if you are getting good value for the cost.

Oak Road Wealth Management is proud to offer a comprehensive range of retirement plan services including:


Helping you determine what kind of retirement plan is right for your business

Plan types include:

  • Defined Contribution and/or Defined Benefit plans
  • SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, Payroll Deduction IRA, Self-Employed 401(k), 401(k) Plan (with Roth option), 403(b) Plan, Profit Sharing and more
  • Assisting you with plan design and selecting plan features
  • Helping you select service providers including:
    • Recordkeeper
    • Third Party Administrator
    • 3(21) and 3(38) fiduciary services partners


  • Working with the plan administrator and record keeper to help you setup your plan

  • Assistance drafting your Investment Policy Statement

  • Helping you create and update your fiduciary audit file

  • Helping you select investment options for the plan

  • Helping you select Qualified Default Investment Alternatives – QDIA

  • Helping you enroll your employees in the plan

  • Providing retirement planning guidance to employees

  • Helping employees choose their asset allocation

  • Helping employees rollover prior plan assets


  • Annual meeting with you to go over all elements of the plan

  • Hosting regular education meetings with employees

  • Monitoring investment options and recommending changes if needed

  • Regularly meeting with employees to assist with ongoing retirement planning

  • Helping you improve employee participation and retirement readiness

  • Helping you monitor plan service providers and do RFPs to benchmark the plan

  • Conducting regular fiduciary training


Oak Road Wealth Management is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory firm.  We are fiduciaries which means we are required to act in the best interests of our clients ALL THE TIME.  Our only compensation comes from the transparent fees we agree upon with you, the plan sponsor.  We do not receive any form of non-transparent compensation from the plan or it’s participants.  We also do not accept any fees, kickbacks or any other form of compensation from any plan service providers or from any other party.

CONFIDENCE IN YOUR CHOICES | Your responsibilities as Plan Sponsor

As a plan sponsor, it is important to understand the fiduciary responsibilities placed upon you and your employees.  The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) protects your plan’s assets in part by subjecting anyone who has authority or responsibility for the administration of the plan to a fiduciary standard.  This can also include your financial advisor and other service providers to the plan.  For key officers of your leadership team, there is no way to fully absolve yourselves of some of these fiduciary responsibilities.  Therefore it is incumbent upon you, the plan sponsor, to understand your responsibilities and hire partners to help you understand and manage these responsibilities.  We can help you better understand your fiduciary responsibilities and help you take steps to protect yourself.